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The Season of Giving

The Season of Giving

The Season of Giving

Growing up, my mom would always ask us in October what we wanted for Christmas. That way when December finally arrived she’d already have the gifts bought and wouldn’t be loading up the credit card for last minute gifts.

Luckily for nonprofits, most people don’t work that way. The statistics on holiday giving are clear. Donations are 80% larger than normal December and 20% of annual giving happens in that month. What’s that mean for the nonprofit sector?

Holiday Campaigns

Now let’s talk about these campaigns. This isn’t something we throw at donors last minute. They may be ready for last minute giving but that doesn’t mean this should be last minute planning. Get the word out before Giving Tuesday. Pull out all our tricks! A branded donation page, a call-to-action, countdown emails. Let your donors know what’s coming! Keep it on their mind!

I know that many times social media is something that falls through the cracks for small nonprofits. That’s why for October and November I’m overing special holiday campaign packages! Starting as low as $250/month we can design and implement a holiday campaign for your nonprofit.

Let’s connect and see what Barry VA Solutions can provide for you!

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