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I’ve lived in the Dominican Republic for the past two years working for a small nonprofit ministry. Before that there were college ministries, small nonprofits, and summer camps. I’ve spent my entire working life in nonprofits. I’ve seen t
he view from volunteer, donor, intern, program manager, and fundraising.

On every level, I’ve seen how easy it is to let the day-to-day tasks get in the way of why we really work in the nonprofit sector. For me, it’s because I love building my life around something bigger and more important than myself. Maybe for you it’s because you are called to a certain social justice issue or certain brokenness in the world.

That’s why I founded Barry VA Solutions. My mission is to help you stay on mission. Let me do some of the extra legwork to help you do the part that you love. We all have a reason for being in this industry. Let me help you get back to yours.

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